Egyptian Muslim Immigrant Stabbed Rabbi in Boston 8 Times

(Photo via Dov Hikind on Twitter.)

Democrats tolerating and spreading antisemitism through the 'Squad' has consequences. So does an immigration policy that floods America with future terrorists.

UPDATE: The Boston Herald has a lot more information on the Egyptian Muslim immigrant who stabbed the Rabbi.

A 24-year-old native of Egypt is being held without bail after being accused of stabbing a city rabbi “seven or eight times” in a daylight attack some are demanding be treated as a hate crime.

That stabbing suspect, Khaled Awad of Brighton, is also being investigated by Immigration and Customs Enforcement and won’t be let out until at least a dangerousness hearing is held July 8, a judge ruled today at his arraignment in Brighton District Court.

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Chabad-Lubavitch Rabbi Shlomo Noginski was repeatedly stabbed today outside of the Shaloh House Jewish Day School in Brighton, Mass. Noginski serves as a rabbi and teacher at Shaloh House, a Chabad institution serving the Boston-area’s Russian Jewish community, and their summer day camp was in session. Noginski is recovering at home after being treated at a local hospital.

According to a report, Noginski was sitting on the front steps of the Shaloh House on his cell phone. The suspect approached him, drew a gun and asked Noginski to take him to his car. When the suspect attempted to force Noginski into the car, the rabbi tried running across the street to a small park called Brighton Common, where the suspect stabbed Noginski multiple times in the arm. As the rabbi tried to fend off the attacker he raised a commotion, finally causing the suspect to flee. The suspect was apprehended by police almost immediately.

The suspect is named Khaled Awad. He had a knife and a gun. And apparently tried to force the Rabbi into the van. While the police say that it looks like a robbery, it's a strange sort of robbery.

Dov Hikind, a former New York state assemblyman and founder of the grassroots coalition Americans Against Antisemitism, told Fox News he spoke with Rabbi Noginski's brother, who said the rabbi is expected to undergo surgery for eight stab wounds. 

Hikind said the rabbi's family believe he was targeted because he is Jewish.   

'Based on my conversation with his brother (he) believes the guy wanted to kidnap him,' he said. 'The perpetrator was not interested in his money, not interested in his cell phone, was not interested in anything except to attack this individual.' 

It wouldn't be the first time.

Hikind tweeted that it, "Happened in front of Chabad House w/day camp full of kids - Attacker description: "dark/Middle Eastern" - Attacker didn't say/take anything, pointed his gun & tried to force rabbi into his car - Rabbi ran & was stabbed 8 times."

Rabbi Shlomo Noginski fought his attacker, otherwise he would probably be dead. Awad repeatedly stabbed him, rather than shoot him, but physical butchery is a big part of the death cult of Islamic terrorism. Jihadists prefer to use blades rather than guns because it's more brutal.

Khaled Awad had a knife and a gun, but he chose to use the knife. He targeted a visible rabbi outside a Jewish institution. He was trying to force him into a van, rather than just taking the van and getting away. These are elements that suggest that this was a terrorist attack.

But the media will begin claiming before long that Awad had psychological problems and is the real victim here.


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