The New Vaccine Mandate Battle Will Be Between Unions and Governments

The media is still trying to prop up its old narrative about "unvaccinated Republicans". 

Turning the pandemic into a culture war has paid off big for the Left which is great at dividing and conquering people through culture wars, but the battle over vaccines is shifting into new territory with California, New York City, and other states and local governments preparing to issue vaccine mandates for health care workers and government workers.

As I described in today's article, Republicans Refuse Vaccines at Same Rate as Black Health Care Workers, the unions, including SEIU, are pushing back which will significantly imperil the culture war narrative that the Biden administration has been betting on to retain power.

"We believe that our members are best equipped to make the healthcare decisions that are right for their bodies ," SEIU 1199's communications director Cara Noel argued.

There was not a MAGA hat in the crowd, but Al Sharpton addressed the crowd in rhyme.

A crowd of mostly black women in the familiar purple shirts waved signs and responded to a chant led by an activist in the “I Can’t Breathe” shirt equally familiar from so many BLM riots.

Signs familiar from anti-vaccination rallies, like “Read the Consent Form!! It’s Still in Clinical Trials” and “It’s an Experiment”, 

The AMA and a variety of medical associations have called for mandatory vaccines for health care workers. Unions have yet to respond in a big way, but in the past they've fought flu vaccine mandates in court. 

For now most unions are avoiding the subject by insisting that the vaccine mandate would have to be the subject of negotiations. That will allow unions to sabotage a mandate with negotiating tactics at least for some time. And health care unions have excelled at playing the victims, claiming to be heroes, and then making assorted insane demands.

That policy is less likely to fly for government workers in general.

The next stage of the vaccine battle will be between unions and governments. The unions have traditionally won such battles, but the media will have to struggle to suppress coverage of the confrontation while trying to preserve its political narrative.


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