New York Times Blames Flood in Poorly Designed Chinese Tunnel on Global Warming

To lefties, Global Warming is their god whose actions explain everything that happens in this world. If there's a flood in Germany, it was caused by their pet diety who can only be appeased by buying a Tesla and eating organic. If there's heat deaths in Oregon, it's time to ban plastic bags and genuflect underneath solar panels. And if a tunnel is flooded in China, you don't blame shoddy design and construction.

No, you blame the Flying Global Warming Monster.

Flood Deaths in China Show Road Risks From Climate Change - New York Times

The actual story contains very little about global warming, but it's not a headline if the story doesn't reinforce a trite political narrative.

You can't expect Times readers to browse a story about China unless it involves...

1. Trump

2. Global warming 

3. Identity politics

Since you're not going to find a lot of 1. or 3. in China, it's time to focus on number two.

More than 200 cars were caught in a highway tunnel on Tuesday in central China when record-setting rainfall soaked the area. Torrents of water poured in the tunnel’s entrances, nearly filling it to the ceiling.

Why did they pour in? Global warming, what are you some kind of science denier?

Initially, international attention to transportation safety risks from extreme weather focused on drownings in a subway tunnel that filled with water during the same cloudburst in Zhengzhou, in central China’s Henan Province. But the highway-tunnel flooding deaths highlight the risks that climate change can also pose to motorists, transportation safety experts said this weekend.

Or you know, the risks that terrible designs in a Communist dictatorship notorious for its horrible design failures that have killed countless people over the years with dam disasters, road disasters, and assorted collapses. But we mustn't blame Communism, when we can instead blame people who don't recycle.

In 2011, a group of Chinese experts published a technical paper pointing out that the Zhengzhou tunnel, which was still being built, was in a low-lying area where ponds of stagnant water frequently formed in the streets. The tunnel opened in 2012.

So obviously, global warming.


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