Racial Pessimism Shows the Problem is Perception

Gallup and the media are touting the results of the latest survey on race relations as demonstrating that America is racist.

The Gallup intro tries to dance around the fact that race relations were generally positively rated by both whites and blacks before Obama nuked them leading to record low numbers.

After a year of BLM riots and false claims of police genocide, they're unsurprisingly low.

But here's an interesting element. 

When people who are not a member of a race are asked to race relations between these two groups, the numbers are revealing.

64% of whites and Hispanics believe that relations between the two groups are somewhat good.

There's no gap here.

And yet the overall total for the survey is 62%, lower than the numbers for both groups, because only 53% of black people rate relations between whites and Hispanics as good.

This is how racial pessimism distorts perceptions of race relations because the problem is perception, not reality. 


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