The Very Different Ways Vaccine Rejections by Illegal Aliens, Black People, and Republicans are Treated

In recent days, the Biden administration and its Democrat media have vocally insisted that Republicans are killing people by refusing to get vaccinated. CNN commentators have called for various forms of pressure and repression, and White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki boasted of coordinating with Facebook to suppress critics.

Despite all the loud threats, there's only so much that can be done because the largest group that isn't getting vaccinated are black people.

Vaccine passports and any serious pressure would run smack dab into racial disparities that would make your head spin. 

A refusal by black people to get vaccinated is treated very differently. 

The Biden administration sent Kamala Harris to pitch the vaccine in Detroit leading to the following exchange.

QUESTION: Here in Detroit, the largest majority Black city in America, vaccination rates are below 40% — as low as they are in some of the nation’s least-vaccinated states. Access and supply are no longer issues; people in Detroit can get vaccines brought to their doorsteps. So how, exactly, is the Biden-Harris administration going to get through to people, to change hearts and minds about vaccination in the city?

ANSWER: One of the reasons that I'm back in Detroit is to say, the vaccine will save your life and your life is precious. And you have the power to make this decision. Don't let anyone take the power from you.

Meanwhile, a third of illegal aliens are refusing the vaccine.

ICE did not provide the exact numbers of immigrants who were offered the shot but declined. But the 30% figure has been shared internally, according to sources familiar.

One ICE official said immigrants have refused the shot for many of the same reasons as Americans who do so, including fear of the unknown.

Which is fine, it's a free country, or at least it used to be.

Even though the illegals are refusing for "many of the same reasons as Americans", as are black people, these refusals are treated very differently. Groups deemed to be victims are seen as having a right to refuse while other groups are demonized for making the same decision.


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