"When You Come to San Francisco and Commit a Crime, You Will Be Arrested," Says Mayor of Lawless Hellhole

San Francisco's failed Democrat leaders are struggling to turn around the perception that their city is a corrupt fecal hellhole overrun by criminals and junkies. The problem with their PR campaigns lies in the fact that their city is overrun by criminals and junkies.

But Mayor Breed is doing her best to explain that all those crimes you're seeing are in your imagination. San Fran is safe as houses. Crack houses.

 San Francisco is reeling from a PR nightmare, high profile robberies like you just saw, are going viral on the internet. The mayor and police chief made it clear Monday that no crime is good and that even though some numbers are down, and others are trending up, San Francisco and every major city in America is dealing with similar issues.

This has been the refrain of every major Democrat city. Of course every major Democrat city decided in the past few years that it was time to stop arresting and jailing criminals while blaming the police for everything. So it's like a serial killer claiming that all serial killers kill people.

In recent months the city, which is home to a multi-billion dollar tourist industry, has been found itself in the national spotlight thanks to videos showing brazen robberies and attacks on the elderly.

Formerly home to a multi-billion dollar tourist industry.

Tourism spending was down 80% last year while convention spending was down 85%.

While viral videos of recent robberies are portraying the city as a dangerous place, Mayor London Breed says they only tell part of the story and that statistics from the police department show that crimes like rape, robbery and thefts are actually down this year in most areas of the city.

Ignore the videos of crimes being freely committed and look at these heavily curated statistics which show that shootings nearly doubled.

There were 119 victims so far this year, compared to an average of 77 by mid-year from 2016 to 2020.


Mayor London Breed on Monday said an important detail that often doesn’t make it into national news is that that many of the suspects seen on the viral video have been apprehended. Such was the case with the man seen bicycling out of a Walgreens with a trash bag full of products, she said, as have the some of the suspects believed to have been involved in the murder of 6-year-old Jace Young last year.

“What is not getting the attention is the fact that when you come to San Francisco and commit a crime, you will be arrested by this the police department,” Breed said.

If you commit crimes in San Francisco, you may be arrested. Then you will receive a ticket and be asked to show up in court. If you fail to do so, a bench warrant may be issued and you will be sent to drug rehab. If you do appear, Chesa Boudin will not actually charge you with anything. If you steal less than $950, it's all but legal in San Fran. If you killed someone, you're a victim of society. Unless you're a cop.

Come to San Francisco. The crime isn't as bad as you've seen on these viral videos.


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