While Biden Admin Uses Facebook to Censor Americans, ACLU Pushes Abortion

The Biden administration admitted to pressuring Facebook to censor views it did not like and telling it what material it wanted removed.

During a press briefing Thursday, Press Secretary Jen Psaki said that the White House was collaborating with social media companies to censor COVID ‘disinformation.’

“We’re flagging problematic posts for Facebook that spread disinformation,” she said.

She discussed four key steps the federal government is taking to hold Facebook and other tech titans accountable for identifying and restricting content deemed factually incorrect surrounding the COVID vaccine.

15 years ago, the ACLU would have been on it. At least to save face. Besides a bunch of the people being censored are on the Left. But the current ACLU, which is another generic and interchangeable leftist lawfare group obsessed with the same exact mix of abortion, global warming, and racism, couldn't even be bothered to comment on it.

A United States government spokesman admitted to censoring political opponents through social media and the ACLU, which was founded to deal with that sort of scenario, has spent the last 24 hours pushing abortion advocacy, child tax credits, and claims that facial recognition is racist.

The sea change really kicked in when a man was arrested over a YouTube video of Mohammed to cover up Obama's disaster in Benghazi, while the ACLU cheerfully whistled and looked the other way.

But it's not just the ACLU.

The EFF or Electronic Frontier Foundation, whose whole reason for existing is the defense of free speech online, completely ignored the announcement and instead focused on selling its merchandise and Black Lives Matter.

Outside of conservative and conservative-adjacent media, no one will touch the subject. After decades of wailing about censorship, the government admitted to censoring people on social media and the ACLU and EFF won't even address it.


The same special interests that keep repeating Google and Facebook's mantra about "net neutrality" and a free internet studiously ignore the government's admission that it's censoring the internet.


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