Biden Has $500M for Afghan Refugees, Charges Americans $2K Each to Leave Afghanistan

Last week, Biden allocated $500 million for Afghan refugee resettlement. That's not the whole bill, just a very partial one.

Meanwhile, Americans trying to leave Afghanistan were being charged $2,000 each. 

Biden not only abandoned Americans behind Taliban lines, but his administration also failed to waive charges for the flights until there was enough outrage. And even now it's not entirely clear if the American evacuees signing promissory notes are going to end up paying or not.

While such fees are a usual feature, this time Americans were being evacuated not because of a natural disaster or an organic civil war, but because Biden's actions led to the fall of the Afghan government and military, trapping Americans behind an advancing Taliban front.

It goes without saying that Afghan refugees aren't being charged anything. But that American taxpayers will be footing the whole bill.


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