Biden's On Vacation, Now Jen Psaki's On Vacation Too


The disaster in Afghanistan is bad enough, Biden's cowardice is really despicable. When you've screwed up this badly, at least address the American people. Instead, Biden's hiding out at Camp David and promising a speech in a few days. Kamala Harris isn't taking questions and Jen Psaki decided to go on vacation after the media spent weeks touting how incredibly tough she is.

The level of irresponsibility here is really something. 

Screwing up is bad. Running for the hills and waiting for it to blow over is completely unacceptable behavior from the gang with the top job in the land. A job they desperately wanted and assured the people that they were uniquely qualified to take on.

Not only weren't they up to the job, they weren't even up to doing the news shows.

While Psaki is in hiding, the only administration member seemingly willing to face the fire is Secretary of State Blinken. And while Blinken's performance, on and off the camera, was disgraceful, at least he wasn't hiding out. That's more than can be said for Psaki whose job is answering tough questions, but instead decided to outsource the job. 


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