China to Biden: No Good Relations Unless U.S. Drops Wuhan Virus Origin Probe

Communist China is really desperate to stop any probes of the origins of the Wuhan Virus.

A senior Chinese diplomat called on the U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken to work with the Taliban government and stop pressuring Beijing over the virus origin probe in order to improve ties between the world’s biggest economies.

Wang added that China opposed the U.S. intelligence community’s inquiry into the source of Covid-19, the virus that caused the worst pandemic in more than a century. He accused the U.S. of turning the coronavirus into a political issue if the Biden administration wanted to bring bilateral relations “back on the right track,” the Xinhua report said.

The official PRC readout states, "If the U.S. side also hopes to bring bilateral relations back on the right track, it should stop blindly smearing and attacking China, and stop undermining China's sovereignty, security and development interests."

By that, Foreign Minister Wang Yi meant apparently that, "China resolutely opposes the so-called investigation report on COVID-19 origins tracing produced by the U.S. intelligence community recently. Politicizing origins tracing is a political burden left by the former U.S. government. The sooner the U.S. side unloads this burden, the easier it will be to get out of the current predicament."

By "former U.S. government", Yi means the Trump administration.

The PRC has a lot of nerve trying to urge the Biden administration to abandon origin probes as a legacy of the Trump administration. It's all but an announcement that it expects the Biden administration to choose the PRC over Republicans. 

Meanwhile, Communist China is warning that relations won't get back on the "right track" unless the Wuhan Virus origin investigation is dropped.

And, if you believe the official PRC statement, "Blinken said the United States has no intention of blaming any country for the origins tracing of COVID-19."

So much for the commitment to the probe.



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