Dem Leaders Want Mask Mandates, They Just Won't Follow Them

A few weeks into Mask Mandates 2.0 and there are plenty of viral videos and photos showcasing everyone from Speaker Pelosi to D.C.'s Mayor Bowser making a mockery of them. That was obviously true even during Pandemic 1.0, but the level of laziness now just borders on contempt with politicians not even bothering to virtue signal about wearing masks even as they demand it of others.

You don't have to follow them to airports or look through the photos amassed by stringers on sale sites or dig through CSPAN. It's usually all over their social media feed.

The Democrat leaders were rapidly pushed into endorsing mask mandates all over again, but they're just as unenthusiastic about it as everyone else, and with the White House, the CDC, various state and local authorities, and the media bickering over what the latest numbers mean and what should be done about them, the centralized authority of Pandemic 1.0 is falling apart.

And that's obviously a good thing.

The illusion of omnipotence is deeply unhealthy and was used to suppress debate. Now the same people who banned debates are being forced to have them anyway.

And if the hypocrisy is more blatant, it's because even the true believers have stopped believing. 


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