Media Blames President Trump for Rise in COVID Cases

Maybe Democrats and their media ought to make up their minds as to whether he's president or not.

Americans place the most blame for rising COVID-19 cases and the spread of new variants on the unvaccinated, people from other nations traveling to the U.S. and Donald Trump

The Axios/Ipsos poll is almost entirely useless in that it provides no demographic information except the current narrative construct dividing the "vaccinated" and the "unvaccinated". Identity politics is about the only thing lefties can do and is their latest identity politics duality.

Here's how Axios spins its numbers, "The unvaccinated aren't so sure who to blame — and are far more likely to buy into conspiracy theories involving the media or President Biden."

Blaming a guy who isn't in the White House for rising COVID cases isn't a conspiracy theory, but blaming the guy who is there is a conspiracy theory.

I'd love to hear an explanation from Axios on why blaming Biden is a conspiracy theory but blaming President Trump isn't. 

Axios treats blaming Trump or "conservative media" as being wholly rational while blaming Biden, the CDC, and public health officials, who actually are in charge and responsible for public health as a crazy conspiracy theory.

But the one thing both sides seem to agree on is that "foreign travelers" are responsible.

If Axios unsplit its binary, I suspect "foreign travelers" might actually top the charts.

And by foreign travelers, we mean the horde of illegal aliens crossing the border with Biden's permission.

But that's just a "conspiracy theory".


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