Obama Hosts Superspreader Event for 60th Birthday

The Messiah of Hope and Change will be ringing in his sixtieth birthday in style. There will be 475 guests for a superspreader spectacular.

Former President Obama is hosting a 60th birthday bash for himself and hundreds of guests on Martha’s Vineyard this coming weekend amid heightened public health concerns — locally and nationally — about the COVID-19 Delta variant.

That's about 50 miles away from the Cape Cod cluster.

A person with knowledge of the Obama party protocols said all guests will have to be COVID-tested, although they didn’t say when, where or what proof they would have to offer.

I imagine that they'll be able to write checks in lieu of proof. 

Obama officials did not say whether guests will be required to wear masks.

They'll wear masks the same way Mayor Bowser does when she's partying. Or the way Pelosi does at press conferences. It's not like they're 9-year-olds going to school or dangerous folks of that sort.

The party already is the talk of Uber drivers, hotel maids and check-in clerks.

So assume that thousands of people will be ultimately affected as Obama's pals fly in from all over the country for the greatest spectacular superspreader event.

One person with connections to Obamaworld said there were 475 confirmed guests — including friends, family and former aides — and 200-plus staff planning to work the party.

Pearl Jam was set to play, and one local hairdresser had been retained to style the hair of a band member.

Steven Spielberg also was expected.

Meanwhile, kids are being told to wear masks in school while the woke elite host another orgy of the masque of the red death.


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