Teachers' and Health Care Unions Fight Vaccine Mandates

Teachers' and health care unions are the most obnoxious and abusive unions any day of the week. But during the pandemic, teachers' unions conspired to shut down schools while screaming that they would all die if they actually had to do their jobs.

This was accompanied by loud berating of students and parents for not being careful enough from union activists vacationing in Puerto Rico.

Health care unions showed up to work but the constant virtue-signaling about "health care heroes" sacrificing themselves for an ungrateful public reached almost "clap for the NHS levels".

Now both sets of unions are fighting vaccination mandates.

I already covered the protests against vaccine mandates by SEIU 1199 in New York.

The day after Biden’s CNN town hall, the largest healthcare union in the country took to the streets of Manhattan against vaccine mandates. SEIU union activists, a fixture at every Democrat rally and leftist events, protested outside New York-Presbyterian hospital which had ordered all of its employees to be vaccinated.

There was not a MAGA hat in the crowd, but Al Sharpton addressed the crowd in rhyme.

A crowd of mostly black women in the familiar purple shirts waved signs and responded to a chant led by an activist in the “I Can’t Breathe” shirt equally familiar from so many BLM riots.

National Review belatedly caught up to my story a week too late and is covering it.

New York State United Teachers came out against a vaccine mandate as well with the usual statement about supporting vaccination, but not vaccine mandates.

People have the right to make personal medical decisions, but there's a glaring hypocrisy when the union activists who aggressively clamored that they were all about to die because of an irresponsible public suddenly decide that they want the freedom to make health care decisions.



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