Biden Appointee Moves Federal Agency to D.C., Away From People It Manages

One of the more inspiring and promising things that the Trump administration did was move the Bureau of Land Management out of Washington D.C. and to Colorado where it was a whole lot closer to the people it was actually managing.

Biden's woman, Deb Haaland, is unsurprisingly moving BLM back to D.C.

The D.C. crowd was quite unhappy at the idea of having to leave D.C.'s nightlife and go off to Colorado. Many quit. Many more threatened to. 

Deb Haaland moving BLM to D.C. isn't surprising. But the Biden regime and its media spent months hyping Haaland as the first Indian  Interior Secretary. 

Colorado has a sizable Indian population, D.C. not so much. Given a choice to have a key federal agency in a state with two federally recognized tribes, Haaland pushed to move BLM to Washington D.C. which has some really great bars with a token western office left behind.

That's the difference between representation and virtue signaling.

Whom does Haaland really represent? Washington D.C.


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