Biden to Bring In More Refugees Than Entire Population of Ann Arbor

The economy is in a tailspin so it's a perfect time to put more welfare recipients and Democrat voters (but I repeat myself) on the rolls. 

Continuing his America Last policies, Biden is threatening to raise the refugee cap to 125,000. That's double the current number and it's more than the populations of Ann Arbor, Berkeley, or Hartford.

It's an entire city worth of refugees invading America. And if the refugee rates look anything like the ones rigged by Obama, the vast majority will be Muslims from majority Islamic countries rather than persecuted Christians from majority Islamic countries who actually are persecuted.

And that's just one bite of the apple.

It doesn't include the massive swarms of illegal aliens showing up at the border and demanding asylum because there are gangs in their neighborhoods. (Thanks to Democrat immigration policies, there are gangs in almost everyone's neighborhoods now.)

Setting the refugee cap to 125,000 will just increase, rather than finalize, the massive swarm of illegals and migrants entering America in pursuit of the Democrat program of dramatic demographic change.


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