Biden Could Take Time to Speak About Vaccine Mandates, Not 9/11

Biden has delivered multiple addresses defending his defeat in Afghanistan and unconstitutional imposition of vaccine mandates. Yet he couldn't be bothered to actually deliver a live address on September 11, letting Kamala Harris speak in Pennsylvania instead.

White House spokesman Jen Psaki tried to explain it with random gestures and another word salad.

“The events are not set up that way,” Psaki said when asked during the daily briefing whether Biden would deliver live remarks.

“Because he’s attending an event with several other former presidents and of course former prominent officials in the morning in New York, in order to get to all of the events it just doesn’t work that way,” she continued.

Biden is so humble that he's deferring to "prominent officials"? That's obvious nonsense. A sitting president gets priority in making remarks. 

The choice not to deliver brief remarks anywhere, except in a set video, is revealing.

It reveals that speaking live in a public forum is still a challenging effort for the Biden team. And that 9/11 was not a priority. The Biden team has focused on remarks on political issues, the Afghanistan evacuation and the unconstitutional vaccine mandate, because they care about the politics. September 11 however is not any kind of priority for them. They got their guy to take a break from vacationing in Delaware to make public appearances, but they don't want the challenge of keeping him on script during a high-profile public address.


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