Big Tech Protests Texas Law Calling for Transparency and Appeals of Censorship

It's exciting to see how Democrats have switched from the "Unsafe At Any Speed" party to launching vigorous defenses of the right of giant monopolies to unaccountably abuse their customers.

At least when those users are conservatives.

After hissing and booing Florida's Big Tech law which had the temerity to tell the leftist monopolies that banning politicians was election interference, they're losing their minds over Texas' Big Tech law which treats the industry giants as common carriers if they have 50 million users in the United States. It also asks for small things such as transparency and an appeals process for those who are censored.

And the same lefties who spent generations complaining about corporate power are rallying to the defense of corporate power.

The same lefties who howled at the idea that corporations are people are defending the absurd idea that asking Big Tech companies not to discriminate against users violates their First Amendment rights (of the corporations, not their victims).

Why exactly is asking for transparency and an appeals process so outrageous anyway?

Those are basic expectations in law and yet lefties insist that the country's biggest and most powerful companies should remain unaccountable.



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