In the Birthplace of Police Defunding, Black Voters are Saving the Police

The big showdown in Minneapolis, the home of police defunding and the pretext for the wave of BLM race riots, was a referendum using misleading language in the hopes of eliminating the police department.

The story here is about a racial divide over police defunding. And had it been the more traditional kind of racial divide, the media would have been happy to talk about it.

Unfortunately, it's the wrong kind of racial divide.

Black voters disliked the police department at higher numbers than white voters. (Don't get the idea that is about actual experiences because black men are more in favor of police than black women are.)

But when asked, "Do you think Minneapolis should or should not reduce the size of its police force?", 75% of black voters said, "No". 

On the proposal to replace the police department, 47% of black voters opposed the move while 51% of white voters supported it.

Black voters were also more likely to say that crime had increased.

You can see why the DFLers are doing everything possible to disguise the intent of their proposal.


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