California Recall Shows Dems Losing Asians and Latinos

Democrats and their media are taking a huge victory lap for crushing the conservative insurgency in California with only a $70 million war chest (plus millions more in government ads), the backing of Big Tech donors like the CEOs of Netflix and Facebook, and Obama, Biden, and Kamala warning Californians that they would all die if Newsom were recalled.

Conservatives lost that particular battle, but not all lost battles are lost causes. Some lost battles lead to victories down the road.

In an earlier post, I noted that Dems had burned a lot of money supporting Newsom that they're going to need in 2022. And even statewide, the money that Netflix CEO Reed Hastings, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, and Bond villain George Soros spent supporting Newsom is money they're not going to be able to put into pushes to raise property taxes and legalize crime in California.

Getting Democrats to burn a whole lot of money on the recall was always a bit of Judo. 

But the exit polls also reveal that the Democrats have a real problem with Latino and Asian voters.

 Black voters predictably went all-in on Newsom. But the margins among Latino voters 60/40 almost matched those of white voters 59/41. And while Asian voters lagged somewhat at 64/36, that's enough to raise some alarm bells.

Democrats have been betting hard on a majority-minority electorate. But 4 out of 10 Latino and about a third of Asian voters still voted to recall Newsom.

It was white lefty voters, especially in the Bay Area, who provided the margins that kept Newsom in office. Combine a slightly more conservative white electorate with this kind of performance among Latinos and Asians, and Democrats would be facing a wipeout.

California's exit polls show that Dems are starting to lose their grip on Latino and Asian voters. While black voters remain relentlessly loyal, explaining partly why the cultural revolution is all about black nationalism, and why every other commercial on TV uses afronationalist elements, whether it's a soap ad or an ad for a webcam manufacturer, other minorities are turning into swing voters.

The polls that showed Newsom going down depended on a swing by Latino voters. It didn't actually materialize, but the results should be ringing alarm bells. It's not just Texas or Florida. Even in California, 40% of Latino voters turned on Newsom.

It's a victory, but as General Clinton said of Bunker Hill, "A few more such victories would have shortly put an end to British dominion in America."

The recall election was always an underdog effort. And while it failed, it showed growing Democrat vulnerability.


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