Car Jihad Attack at LA Synagogue Previously Targeted by BLM

In my overview of BLM attacks on synagogues and churches, especially during the LA Pogrom, I noted that Shaarei Tefila, an LA synagogue, had been one of the targets.

Rioters tried to deface the Shaarei Tefila (Gates of Prayer) synagogue in the area, but members of Magen Am, a security organization protecting houses of worship, whose instructors include former IDF and Navy SEAL members, protected the synagogue from being vandalized by the leftist rioters.

Now Magen Am has a report of a more serious incident that sounds like Car Jihad at least as an attempt to intimidate and terrorize.

A Jewish congregation in Los Angeles was left in shock on Wednesday night after a man reportedly attempted to ram into a crowd of people as they were attending a Sukkot holiday concert.

According to Magen Am, a non-profit that provides security to Jewish institutions, the attacker allegedly accelerated down a one-way alley into a crowd of women and children as the concert at LA’s Shaarei Tefila synagogue was coming to an end.

The crowd of about 20 to 30 managed to jump out of the path of the vehicle before the assailant stopped short in front of a metal gate, yelled “f**k the Jews” and left, the group said.

The group also said that about 20 minutes prior, the man had “canvassed” the event and issued threats, saying, “I’m a real Muslim, I’ll show you what real terrorism looks like.”

Magen Am has a very slowed-down video of the car and driver for identification purposes. There’s been no further coverage.


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