Democrats Are Losing White Men, Black Men, and Latino Men

The gender gap is starting to look like a more significant factor than racial gaps. 

Democrats prevailed in the California recall, but it delivered another warning about their eroding performance with men.

In CNN’s exit poll, nearly half of the Hispanic men surveyed and nearly a quarter of the Black men voted to support the recall. The largest difference between men and women of any racial group was between Black men and Black women.

Since this is Charlie Blow's Times column, the rest is a rant about men. Because the one thing that's going to turn this around is more cancel culture, lectures about toxic masculinity, and a bigger welfare state.

The Democrats are losing men in larger numbers, including minority men, at a time when men are increasingly shunning college, committing suicide at drastically elevated rates, and dropping out in other ways from a society that is increasingly hostile to them.

Democrats have already lost white men, they're teetering with Latino men, and they're even starting to see serious erosion with black men.



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