A Desperate Biden Turns To Repressing Americans to Save His Job

"Follow the money" is a pretty good tool for understanding politics. It doesn't explain everything, but it usually points you in the right direction.

Or you can go with the Latin, "Cui bono".

Yes, Biden has announced an insanely unconstitutional push for bullying people into being vaccinated (the worst possible way to persuade people to do anything) to divert attention from his humiliating defeat and disgrace in Afghanistan. The same crowd that couldn't care less about it, white liberal suburbanites with no skin in the game (though this was the group that also took the hardest hit on 9/11, but that's now a distant memory confined to a particular geographic region), is all-in on pandemic identity politics. Call it the Jennifer Rubin demographic.

But that doesn't take us all the way.

Biden is sweating the economic numbers which will be the real determinant of whether he (or whoever pulls his strings) gets a second term. 

This isn't about concern for Americans. It's sweaty fear that he's headed to a one-term presidency. And his administration is gambling that the only way to a second term is to either force a full reopening or redirect blame to a full-scale pandemic culture war. 

In short, going full Weimar here. 

Defeated abroad, failing at home, Biden is becoming the stereotypical third-world dictator who unleashes a domestic conflict to stay in power.


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