Head of San Fran's "Fun Police" Complains About Existence of Fun Police

After Governor Newsom was caught at the French Laundry, Mayor London Breed was caught partying at the expensive restaurant. And after mandating masks, she can't actually seem to keep hers on.

Mayor London Breed is unapologetic after she was caught on camera without a mask on inside a San Francisco club.

"To be clear, I did everything I thought that was appropriate," said Breed on Friday, after a San Francisco Chronicle reporter shot video Wednesday night of her singing and dancing without a mask inside the Black Cat, a club in the Tenderloin. She was surrounded by an equally unmasked crowd.

Breed then doubled down on the chutzpah by accusing the reporters who caught her violating her own order of being the "fun police".

Breed added, she and fellow club-goers “don’t need the fun police to come in and micromanage and tell us what we should or shouldn’t be doing.”

Except that she's the head of the fun police.

Masks are allowed to be removed only when people are "seated at a table or positioned at a stationary counter or place while eating or drinking," according to the term's of the city's health order which made face coverings indoors mandatory last month.

This perfectly encapsulates the lefty hypocrisy of both wanting to be Officer Obie and complaining about Officer Obie. Lefties make onerous rules, violate them, and then whine when they're caught doing it as if there is some outside forces that is repressing them.

You can't be both the tyrants and the rebels.


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