INVASION ACCOMPLISHED: Biden Freed 70% of Haitian Illegal Invaders


As I had been predicting, there would be a show of deportations and captures, followed by a predictable outcry, and the resulting theater would conceal the fact that the vast majority of the Haitian illegal alien invaders were being released into the United States.

Biden knows his base and his base aren't Americans. 

Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas admitted Sunday that the vast majority of Haitian migrants who crossed the southern U.S. border in recent weeks have already been released into the United States, and it is possible that more will follow them.

So far, approximately 12,400 of the people are having their cases heard by immigration judges, while another 5,000 are being processed by the Department of Homeland Security. Currently, only 3,000 are in detention.

Their "case" is that their country is terrible and they would like to sign up for every welfare program while working off the books.

This is why everyone from around the world is showing up at the border.

"Approximately, I think it's about ten thousand or so, twelve thousand," Mayorkas told "Fox News Sunday" when asked how many have already been released. He then acknowledged that this number could very well go up as the 5,000 other cases are processed.

So at least 70% have been released and the number is likely to go higher.

The secretary said the administration "will make determinations whether they will be returned to Haiti based on our public health and public interest authorities."

Until recently, Biden wouldn't allow Canadians into America. Unvaccinated Canadians still can't come. But illegal Haitians are welcome.

These are the same "public health" regulations which busted reopening rallies but cheered Black Lives Matter riots.

But it gets better.

Mayorkas said that those who are released have conditions placed on them, "are monitored by us," and authorities "ensure their appearance in court as the law requires."

Host Chris Wallace noted that according to the Department of Justice 44% of those who are released miss court appearances. When asked whether many of the thousands who have just been released will just stay in the U.S., Mayorkas insisted that the system will work.

"We have enforcement guideline in place that provide the individuals who are recent border crossers who do not show up for their hearings are enforcement priorities and will be removed," he said.

Wallace noted that there are already 11 million people in the U.S. illegally, but Mayorkas said this is just evidence that the current system is "broken" and in need of reform.

"Our refusal to enforce immigration laws just proves the need for abolishing the law."



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