LA Times Columnist: Larry Elder a "White Supremacist" Threat to “Communities of Color”

Is the Save Newsom gang really going to double down on their "Larry Elder is a White Supremacist" meme? Yes, double and triple down on it.

Los Angeles Times columnist Jean Guerrero said on Sunday that California Republican gubernatorial candidate Larry Elder poses a "very real threat to communities of color."

 Guerrero is the daughter of a Puerto Rican mother and a Mexican father who spends a lot of time accusing Republicans of racism.

But at least she comes by it honestly.

I mean, for me, the reason I chose to do this very personal story as journalism was because I felt that I needed these fact-based tools that I developed as a journalist to sort of disentangle myself from my father.

I mean, this is a story about my quest to understand my father, who for a long time believed that the CIA was after him, and that — and it was very difficult for him to tell what was fact and fiction. And he sort of brought me into that as a little girl, because he was — he had such a strong influence on me as a child, because he was my primary caretaker for the first few years.

So much for those fact-based tools. The CIA being after Jean's father makes more sense than Larry Elder being a threat to "communities of color".

"He’s refused to talk to non-partisan media outlets and to journalists who are critical of him, has refused to answer difficult questions, often uses the few interviews that he does give as an opportunity to give a performance on social media, denouncing those journalists, playing the victim," Guerrero said.

How many conservative outlets has Newsom spoken to?

"He has been able to reach the minority of voters in California who embrace his white supremacist worldview. He’s co-opted this line by my fellow columnist from the headline calling him ‘the Black face of White supremacy’ but he refuses to engage with the actual substance of our reporting," Guerrero said.

The actual substance that... Larry Elder is a white supremacist?

Meanwhile, can the LA Times engage with the allegations about Newsom's wife and the Harvey Weinstein case?

Guerrero further added that Elder, a black man, "poses a very real threat to communities of color." 

This is the sort of ugly rhetoric that prompts a white woman in a gorilla mask to attack Larry Elder.


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