Media, Which Called for California Recall Election Audit, Accuses Republicans of Challenging Election

Dems responded to the 2016 election results by challenging their legitimacy only to pivot in 2020 and declare that questioning election results was a threat to "democracy". 

But surely the media couldn't simultaneously claim election fraud and claim that fraud allegations are a threat to "democracy"?

Experts Call for Rigorous Audit to Protect California Recall - AP

False Election Claims in California Reveal a New Normal for G.O.P. - New York Times

This is what happens when you live in an echo chamber and have less self-awareness than a starfish. Hypocrisy, glaring double standards, and the absurdity of living in a doublespeak world where you make opposite arguments from one moment to the next are a non-issue.

They're things you're not even aware of.

"In an echo of 2020, Republicans are pushing baseless allegations of cheating in the state's recall race even before Election Day," the New York Times blovitates. 

Meanwhile, in an echo of 2016, Democrats are pushing baseless allegations in the state's recall race even before Election Day.




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