New York Times Blames "Rabbis" for Making AOC Cry Over Vote Against Killing Jews

It's not antisemitism when the media does it.

That's the usual rule of thumb. It's especially the rule of thumb at the New York Times which blamed Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez's latest theatrics at the Iron Dome vote (the Iron Dome is an Israeli defense system that stops Hamas rocket attacks on Jewish civilians) by blaming it on... the Rabbis.

"Minutes before the vote closed, Ms. Ocasio-Cortez tearfully huddled with her allies before switching her vote to 'present.' The tableau underscored how wrenching the vote was for even outspoken progressives, who have been caught between their principles and the still powerful pro-Israel voices in their party, such as influential lobbyists and rabbis," is how the article by Catie Edmondson originally read.

It has since been stealth-edited.

To note the obvious, AOC has never give a damn about how Jews, Rabbis or otherwise, felt before. She not only led a relentless war against the Jewish State, but met with antisemitic figures like Jeremy Corbyn.

AOC, knowing the outcome, decided to put on a show of being victimized by the Jews. And the New York Times and Catie Edmondson are happy to resort to the worst Der Sturmerisms.

But there's no low too low for the paper that published the yellow Jew List.

In some sort of feverish lapse of judgment, last week The New York Times published what will forever be known as its “Congressional Jew List.” Last Thursday, the paper ran an online article entitled “Lawmakers Against the Iran Nuclear Deal.” It was an insult to all Americans.

In the first iteration of the online piece—subsequently edited after disbelieving and vociferous criticism—there was a chart that listed senators and representatives not alphabetically but by religious affiliation. Well, not quite: only Jewish legislators were singled out by religion. Then there was a column heading labeled “Jewish?” And to ensure that readers didn’t miss the significance of the votes, each “yes” was highlighted in yellow.

At least the New York Times refrained from adding a yellow star next to its name. Probably the 'Rabbis' made them do it.


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