Nobody Except Democrats Believes It's Too Hard to Vote

Reading the media is always a venture into an alternate universe, an echo chamber of imaginary narratives. Sometimes these narratives are things that the media has convinced quite a few people to believe. Others defy the experience and common sense of most people.

Take the Dem push to "protect voting rights". Voting rights are not endangered and this entire push is just a shameless pretext for a power grab to place elections under federal control (that is the control of Democrat officials and appointees) and prevent any enforcement of voter integrity laws, including universally popular measures like Voter ID.

The underlying premise is that voting is somehow really hard. Except, as this Morning Consult poll shows, no one really believes that.

44% of Americans actually think it's too easy to vote and there are few precautions against voter fraud and illegal voting, while only 33% think voting is too hard.

Republicans swell out those numbers, but a majority of independents are also more likely to say that voting is too easy, not too hard.

Even among Democrats, the only political group to insist otherwise, only 54%, a bare majority, say voting is too hard. Among black people, the demographic that Democrats claim is being discriminated against, only 41% say voting is too hard. Among Hispanics, it's an even split.

Those are pretty pathetic numbers to sustain the narrative.

A majority of Americans are more concerned about voter fraud than the Democrat push to make it easier to commit voter fraud under the false flag of "voting rights".


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