Pakistan, Which Sheltered Osama, Claims It Paid "Heavy Price" for Supporting US

Pakistan's Islamist PM praised the Taliban takeover.

A day after the Taliban seized power in Kabul and President Ashraf Ghani fled the war-torn country, Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan said Afghans have "broken the chains of slavery in the country."

Not surprising since Pakistan set up the Taliban and reports are that it played a major role in their takeover of the country.

But now, the leader of the country that sheltered Osama bin Laden, is grieved that Americans are unhappy with Pakistan.

Pakistan paid a "very heavy price" of siding with the US in its occupation of Afghanistan, said Prime Minister Imran Khan, adding that hearing American politicians blame Islamabad for its humiliating retreat hurts.

His remarks come after the recent Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearings as an example of this frustrating rhetoric where US lawmakers accused Pakistan of facilitating Taliban.

"As a Pakistani, I felt deeply hurt by some of the remarks made by those senators. To blame Pakistan for this debacle in Afghanistan is the most painful thing for us to listen to," he said.

The old joke about falling out of a guard tower seems to apply here.

"We have trained them to fight against foreign occupation. It was a holy war, a jihad," he said.

With the Americans invading, Pakistan was telling the same people that "a fight against the Americans was terrorism. So they turned against us. They called us collaborators."

Can we stop sending Pakistan money now?


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