Percentage of College Students Censoring Themselves Rises From 60% to 80%

Cancel culture is something conservatives made up, insist media influencers who know they're one misguided tweet or bad relationship away from having their careers flushed down the toilet.

But FIRE's survey shows a sharp rise in students censoring themselves amidst all the exciting new "dialogue" being waged on campuses.

Fully 60% of students reported feeling that they could not express an opinion because of how students, a professor, or their administration would respond. This number is highest among “strong Republicans” (73%) and lowest among “strong Democrats” (52%).

That was 2020. The current number? 80%.

More than 80% of students reported self-censoring their viewpoints at their colleges at least some of the time, with 21% saying they censor themselves often

I'm not sure Soviet universities would have had numbers this bad.



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