Rep. Omar's Jihad Against Senate Parliamentarian

Democrats and their media love to lecture about political norms. Except when they're ones brutally violating those norms.

In response to the Senate parliamentarian's ruling that Dems couldn't impose illegal alien amnesty using budget reconciliation in their insane $3.5 trillion spending boondoggle, Rep. Ilhan Omar resumed her Jihad against the non-partisan official.

Omar had previously called for firing the parliamentarian after she blocked rolling a $15 minimum wage in. Now the racist Somali immigrant is once again calling for her head, urging Biden and Schumer to ignore her, after blocking illegal alien amnesty.

And the media, so quick to lecture about political norms when it involves Republicans, has nothing to say about Omar.

Considering Biden's illegal move on the CDC eviction moratorium, it's not at all impossible that an administration of radicals will back yet another radical move that upends political norms.

After all, AOC and Omar and other extremists and racists have far more sway over the Biden administration than any moderates. 


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