Senator Whitehouse, Trying to Investigate Kavanaugh, Appears on Podcast of Serial Groper

Senator Sheldon Whitehouse has principles. And if you don't like them, he has other ones.

The Senate member who accused America of racism allegedly belonged to an all-white club. And Whitehouse, who claims to be on a mission to "empower feminists", appeared on a podcast with Al Franken.

The former leftist talk show host and Senate member was forced to resign after some 9 women accused him of groping.

(On lefty Twitter, this is often dismissed as a "misunderstood joke".) 

With backing from top Dem megadonors, including George Soros, any criticism of Franken was quickly muted and he's talking about another run for public office. It'll be a little awkward, but if Franken can do it, there's hope for a Cuomo comeback.

Franken meanwhile tweeted that, "My friend,@SenWhitehouse, joins me on The Al Franken Podcast to talk about the pernicious role played by the Federalist Society on behalf of corporate interests. It ain’t pretty."

What's really not pretty is the posturing.

Sheldon Whitehouse, when he's not relaxing in the company of his fellow whites, is busy trying to investigate Justice Kavanaugh for sexual misconduct, before appearing on his friend's podcast who was accused of sexual misconduct by 9 women.

You can't buy principles like that. Well, actually you can.


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