Biden Admin on Afghan Evacuations: "Err on the Side of Excess"

How big of a disaster was Biden's Afghan evacuation? 

As I noted in, "Biden’s 'Evacuation' Was a Taliban Human Trafficking Scheme", the numbers tell the tale

The Biden administration claims to have evacuated 124,000 people, of them only 5,500 Americans, from Afghanistan. 60,000 have been brought into the United States. Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas admitted that only 1,800 are SIV holders, another 8,000 are citizens or have green cards.

That leaves over 50,000 Afghans who were just brought here with no legal basis.

The Taliban and its Haqqani Network, an ally of Al Qaeda, controlled the checkpoints providing access to the airport. The vast majority of SIV recipients were kept out. So were many Americans. Most of the Afghans on the planes were those allowed through by the Taliban.

And now the Biden administration is retroactively trying to hand out visas to the people it brought even as they're walking off bases and committing sexual assaults in the United States.

What was the methodology here

"Total inflow to the U.S. must exceed the number of seats available. Err on the side of excess," reads an Aug. 16 email to U.S. officials involved in the exit from Afghanistan. "This guidance provides clear discretion and direction to fill seats and to provide special consideration for women and children when we have seats."

"This email was shared [with] me by an American official present in Afghanistan during the evacuation who was shocked by administration's failure to vet Afghans before they were evacuated," (Senator) Hawley wrote. "Email details orders from Joe Biden to fill up the planes—even without vetting."

The email, which has the subject line "presidential directive," provides some of the firmest proof to date that the Biden administration decided to forgo proper vetting procedures in its rush to evacuate scores of Afghans following the Taliban's takeover just weeks after the U.S. military retreated from the country.

That makes Biden complicit in every crime committed by the Afghans he illegally imported into America.


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