Biden Admin Praises "Candid and Professional" Taliban, Promises Aid

If you thought that Biden was done appeasing the Taliban once the military retreat from Afghanistan was complete, he's just getting started.

US officials described the discussions as candid and professional, but added that the Taliban would be judged by their actions.

The US insisted the meeting did not amount to recognition of the Taliban.

In a statement issued on Sunday night, the Taliban said: "US representatives stated that they will give humanitarian assistance to Afghans and will provide facilities for other humanitarian organisations to deliver aid."

It added that the Taliban would "co-operate with charitable groups in delivering the humanitarian assistance to those deserving transparently, and will facilitate the principled movement of foreign nationals".

The Biden regime has confirmed that "robust" aid will be provided.

State Department spokesperson Ned Price said in an emailed statement that the two sides discussed the U.S. providing "robust humanitarian assistance, directly to the Afghan people" during talks in Qatar that concluded Sunday.

"Directly to the Afghan people" is a myth. Aid groups that operate in terrorist territory are providing aid to the terrorists. That's been amply established from Yemen to Gaza. And as I established in, 10% of Biden’s Afghanistan Aid Will Go To Taliban, at least a tenth will go the Taliban, probably a good deal more, and that was the case even before the Taliban took over Afghanistan.

The Taliban had set up its Commission for the Arrangement and Control of Companies and Organisations at least over a decade ago. Much like the old Afghan government, it made few distinctions between for-profit companies and non-profit charities, and taxed them both.

The Taliban had an extensive and sophisticated tax collection network long before they took Kabul which included all the usual elements of bureaucracy, registration, certificates, and assessments. They even have “NGO coordinators” who work with non-profit groups.

The Taliban at one point provided a list of non-profits that had registered with their Commission for the Arrangement and Control of Companies and Organisations. The group “included UN agencies, national and international NGOs and human rights organisations” including those that  “rely on funding from a wide range of sources, including both the UN and the US government”.

That was back in 2013 when the Taliban had far less power and were less intimidating.

The "humanitarian aid" will be directed from USAID through the UN and other NGOs operating on the ground that will pay off the Taliban, hire Taliban workers, and fund people who will themselves be taxed by the Taliban.

So what Biden is really offering is "robust" aid to the Taliban.


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