Biden and Dems Cut Free College, Child Tax Credits - Keep Big Green Pork

The Dems were selling their insane political porkfest by pairing assorted social giveaways with a massive Big Green spending spree for things like $250K electric car chargers for Tesla owners. Now that Manchin and Sinema are forcing them to cut down, they're cutting social spending, but not Big Green pork for the usual special interests.

The White House is privately telling lawmakers the climate portion of President Biden's roughly $2 trillion social spending plan is "mostly settled" and will likely cost more than $500 billion, two sources familiar with the talks tell Axios.

Why it matters: A price tag of $500 billion to $555 billion is a huge number and, if it holds, would likely be the single biggest component of the sweeping package. It also isn't far off from the roughly $600 billion proposed when the bill was expected to cost $3.5 trillion.

Free community college is being tossed out. Child tax credits are being trimmed. So is paid family leave. But the San Francisco and New York megadonors who fund the Democrats and the Left are going to realize all their "socially responsible" green investments.

Those are their real priorities.

And when the spending triage kicked in, Biden and the Dems showed that what they really care about are the regulations and spending sprees poorly disguised as an effort to save the planet from an imaginary apocalypse by powerful men with seaside mansions.

It was never about helping people, just helping themselves.


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