Biden's "Moderate" Taliban Unveil Suicide Bomber Units

After the latest round of talks between the Biden administration and the Taliban in Doha, the Democrat regime agreed to provide "humanitarian aid" while the Taliban agreed to let some Americans trapped in Afghanistan leave in what looked a whole lot like a ransom payment. Biden's people praised the talks as "candid and professional" and promised "robust humanitarian assistance".

Meanwhile, the actual candid stuff was happening in Afghanistan.

The Taliban's acting interior minister, Sirajuddin Haqqani, a wanted global terrorist and one of the country's most senior officials, has praised suicide attackers and promised their relatives money and land.

Haqqani, the leader of the notorious Haqqani network and listed as a terrorist by the United States with a $10 million bounty on his head, met with the relatives of several "matyrs" on October 18 at the upscale Intercontinental Hotel in Kabul, ministry spokesman Saeed Khosty said.

The Interior Ministry said in a statement that Haqqani welcomed the suicide bombers' families and paid tribute to the deceased as "martyrdom seekers" and "holy warriors."

"Haqqani praised the jihad and sacrifice of the martyrs and mujahedin" referring to them as the "heroes of Islam and the country," Afghan state broadcaster RTA reported, adding that he promised $125 and a plot of land for each family.

The Haqqani Network, to whom Biden outsourced control over Kabul and the checkpoints to the airport, and control over the surrounding area, were tightly integrated with Al Qaeda. Having this sort of conference sends a message that the Taliban intend to function as Jihadis and that they are recruiting future suicide bombers. That's the same reason Hamas holds these sorts of events.

And the Taliban are emphasizing that they have units of suicide bombers.

In a separate development, Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid told Pakistan’s Bol TV news channel that the group’s army has several units of suicide bombers.

“The time for carrying out more suicide attacks is over, but we still have groups of suicide bombers who will not hesitate to sacrifice their lives for the defence of the country,” he said, speaking in Pashto.

“Some groups have special names while others are known as fidayeen units and these will all be part of our strong forces,” he added.

If the time were over, the Taliban wouldn't be maintaining units of suicide bombers.

Whom do the Taliban believe that they're going to be fighting? That's the question. They're not fighting ISIS-K with suicide bombers. So they expect to go up against a conventional military force. That's either us, India, Iran, or China. And since they have good relations with China and Iran at the moment, that's likely to be India or us.

Good thing the Biden regime is aiding the Taliban regime while it plots its next move.


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