Dems Use "Threat of Trump" To Justify Any Power Grab

Remember when Democrats and their media ranted about President George W. Bush's, "Either you are with us or you are with the terrorists." The full context of that was, "Every nation in every region now has a decision to make: Either you are with us or you are with the terrorists."

(And had he stuck with it after a year or two, we wouldn't still be dealing with this twenty years later.)

But the Democrats insisted on depicting it as a Hitlerian threat and a binary proposition that demanding pledging unconditional loyalty to the regime. (Since then the Dems have forgotten how they used to depict Bush as Hitler and reinvented him as a kind gentle artist.)

Now Jonathan Chait, who kept his perch at the failing New York Magazine even while truly talented writers who challenged wokeness were forced out, has unveiled his own Flight 93 Election essay, titled, "Anybody Fighting Joe Biden Is Helping Trump's Next Coup - All Republican politics is now functionally authoritarian." The only thing this establishes is that Democrat politics is functionally authoritarian and Chait, like Biden's people, is aiming the authoritarianism at moderate Democrats who refuse to go along with the Left.

The coup is coming from inside the White House.

The only meaningful thing about Chait's latest entry into competing with Jennifer Rubin for administration clickbait is the way that the media manufactures the "Threat of Trump" in order to justify wild power grabs by their leftist political allies.

If you oppose monitoring everyone's bank accounts for $600 and $250,000 electric car chargers for Tesla owners, you're "helping Trump's next coup". You're either with us or with Trump. The binary demands total and immediate submission to the Left's agenda. Anyone who dissents is, well as the Bolsheviks used to put it, a fascist. It's the Bolsheviks calling socialists traitors if they didn't sign on to their authoritarian program. The binary eliminates any options other than following party discipline or supporting the return of the Czar.

There can only be one party. And within that party, there can only be one correct viewpoint. Either you're with us or with Trump.


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