EPA Head: If Congress Doesn't Meet My Demands, I Will Take Action

There was a time when presidents might have talked like this, but nowadays we know that presidents don't have any real power, D.C. bureaucrats do. And so we've got the EPA boss threatening Congress that if they don't act to destroy our economy, he will.

Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Michael Regan says he’s willing to wield broad regulatory power to enact President Biden’s climate agenda if Congress fails to pass meaningful climate legislation. 

Who elected President Regan again? Oh right, the Environmental Defense Fund which used to employ him. And who funds the EDF? A bunch of lefty foundations, including the ketchup one run by John Kerry's obnoxious wife.

It's certainly good to know that the Pew Trusts and the Heinz Foundation and the Walton Family Foundation now have more governmental power than Congress.

I would ask who elected them, but we all know the answer.

Lawmakers on Capitol Hill are debating a wide-ranging social spending bill that contains climate provisions aimed at slashing planet-warming pollution and boosting clean energy. But Democrats are battling over the price tag, and some climate provisions are bound to go. That doesn't faze Regan, who said the EPA's forthcoming regulations will help achieve Biden's overarching goal of reducing emissions 50 to 52 percent by 2030 compared to 2005 levels.

Why would taxpayer money or checks and balances faze a bureaucratic thug who's there to destroy our economy?

The EPA is expected to soon issue a rule targeting leaks of methane from oil and gas operations after both chambers of Congress voted to overturn a rollback by the Trump administration. The rule could pack a big climate punch

Gas out here already goes as high as $6 bucks a gallon, but that's not enough for Regan and his billionaire leftist backers. They want to crush the American middle class and stomp the remnants underfoot while they jet off to Basel using carbon credits they're invested in...

... to save the planet.


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