European Commission Pres Vows No Walls in Response to Migrant Invasion

A United Europe quickly went from a utopian fantasy to a suicide pact. And Eurocrats are doubling down on the suicide pact component.

The EU will not fund “barbed wire or walls”, the European Commission president Ursula von der Leyen has said, in defiance of calls from some governments to build protective defences against migrants seeking to enter the bloc.

It will however fund courses trying to teach the migrants not to rape or bomb the native population.

A number of EU leaders have voiced concerns in recent weeks over a rise in numbers of people seeking to cross the bloc’s borders, with eight having died at the Polish border with Belarus in recent months.

Alexander Lukashenko, Belarus’s president, has been accused of seeking to orchestrate an EU crisis in an act of “hybrid warfare”, by pushing migrants from the Middle East and Africa across its border in response to sanctions.

Lukashenko figured out what Turkey's Erdogan and a horde of Islamic leaders already know, that western countries have no defense against an invasion of refugees, and that they can be physically and morally blackmailed with just such an invasion.

 Von der Leyen, who has been tasked with finding a solution, said the EU would not succumb to such calls.

“I was very clear that there is a longstanding view in the European Commission and in the European parliament that there will be no funding of barbed wire and walls,” she said. 

After the lengthy discussions, the leaders deleted a clause in the summit formal communique that would have seen the bloc commit to “funding of physical barriers at the external borders”. “The EU remains determined to ensure effective control of its borders,” they agreed instead.

That's the equivalent of 1.7 million illegal aliens flooding across our border while the Biden administration denies there's an open border.

What does "effective control of its borders" mean without a barrier to massive mobs breaking through the border? Nothing. It's empty bureaucratic jargon that really means, "Invade us, please". 


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