Forget Thanksgiving, This Year It's a Miserable Bidensgiving

Even the friendliest media outlets are reporting that a Thanksgiving meal will be the most expensive that it's ever been.

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What used to be the news out of Venezuela or the USSR is now here in America.

We might as well stop calling it Thanksgiving and call it Bidensgiving. There's a historic parallel here with the original Thanksgiving.

The first Thanksgiving was a celebration of abundance after a period of socialism and starvation. The members of the Plymouth colony had arrived in the New World with a plan for collective property ownership. Reflecting the current opinion of the aristocratic class in the 1620s, their charter called for farmland to be worked communally and for the harvests to be shared.

You probably will not be surprised to hear that the colonists starved. Men were unwilling to work to feed someone else’s children. Women were unwilling to cook for other women’s husbands. Fields lay largely untilled and unplanted.

Famine came as soon as they ate through their provisions. After famine came plague. Half the colony died. Unlike most socialists, they learned from their mistakes, giving each person a parcel of land to tend to for themselves. The colonists threw off the statist intellectual fashions of their day.

The results were overwhelmingly beneficial. Men worked hard, even though before they had constantly pleaded illness. Fields were not only tilled and planted but also diligently harvested. Colonists traded with the surrounding Indian nation and learned to plant maize, squash and pumpkin and to rotate these crops from year to year. The harvest was bountiful, and new colonists immigrated to the thriving settlement.

The Democrats want us to trade individual freedom for collectivist socialism. And as a consequence, Thanksgiving has been replaced by Bidensgiving. And just as in totalitarian socialist countries, full store shelves have been replaced by empty shelves, food has become too expensive, and a celebration of a Divine bounty has instead become a miserable fight over the shrinking spoils of a failing socialist system.


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