Four Times as Many Americans Abandoned in Afghanistan as Biden Officials Claimed

It ought to surprise no one at this late date that Biden's people have been lying about everything involving Afghanistan. Especially the Americans they left behind in Taliban hands.

The Biden administration is in touch with nearly 400 Americans who are stranded in Afghanistan, a figure that far exceeds the administration's claims that about 100 Americans were left in the nation following the United States' hurried exit from Kabul, according to a senior congressional source who was briefed Thursday by the State Department.

These are not the figures that they're stating publicly.

Again members of Congress have access to more accurate information from this administration than the public does. And that's also outrageous.

With Afghanistan in the administration's rear-view mirror, U.S. officials are providing exact figures on the number of Americans who are still stranded and want to leave—although they are doing so in private, off-the-record forums—according to two senior congressional aides, who relayed the contents of the non-public call to the Washington Free Beacon.

Truly the most transparent administration ever. Or was that the Obama administration? I never can remember.

The United States is in touch with 363 Americans who are stuck in war-torn Afghanistan and around 176 U.S. permanent residents who are asking to be evacuated immediately, Biden administration officials said on the call with congressional staff, according to the source, who requested anonymity to discuss non-public information. These figures demonstrate that senior Biden administration officials routinely misrepresented the number of stranded Americans to the public and Congress for nearly two months.

And will face no consequences for it. 

The media's temporary disgust with the Biden administration over Afghanistan briefly flared before sputtering out and being smothered in silence.


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