Is Hillary Clinton's New Book Taking Shots at Obama or Biden?

Hillary Clinton has finally abandoned the pretense that her books are non-fiction and has gone straight for the fiction section. 

State of Terror is thinly disguised Hillary fanfic, a thriller co-written with Louise Penny, a Canadian mystery novelist. which appears to retain Hillary's usual habit of taking potshots at former political rivals. Her memoir took shots at Biden and Bernie Sanders. Her thinly disguised story about a heroic Secretary of State appears to be taking shots at a key Democrat figure.

The crazed, dangerous Dunn is followed into office by a Democrat, Doug Williams, who Ellen considers “rude” and a “fool”. Hard Choices, Rodham Clinton’s 2014 memoir, is tough on then vice-president Joe Biden. 

Except that Williams is also described as "condescending" and picks her, his worst enemy, as Secretary of State.

Though by far the greater, more interesting question was why had then President-Elect Williams offered his most vocal, most vicious adversary a place in his cabinet? And State, of all things?

So is Hillary taking shots at Obama or Biden? Or did she roll both halves of the Obama-Biden administration into a single pastiche character? It doesn't really matter because no one is particularly paying attention or cares. Obama has better entertainment industry deals than Hillary does and Biden can barely figure out which time zone he's in.


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