How the Biden Admin Fakes the "Only 100 Americans Left in Afghanistan"

Afghanistan was the first time since the Obama administration when the media committed journalism by actually investigating its own. 

And the results are interesting.

While the media has mostly gone back to carrying water for their administration and ignoring Afghanistan, there are some occasional interesting stories still getting past the echo chamber in which journalists actually ask basic questions and try to get them answered. 

This one comes from USA Today.

When the last American troops left Afghanistan Aug. 31, State Department officials said that between 100 and 200 Americans remained in the country and vowed to get them out.

Since then, the U.S. government has helped at least 234 Americans leave Afghanistan, according to the State Department's latest tally. Separately, U.S. veterans and other private groups have evacuated at least 32 U.S. citizens – and probably many more. 

Yet the State Department's chief spokesman, Ned Price, said on Friday that between 100 and 200 Americans are still in the country seeking to leave – the same range he cited nearly two months ago.

How can there be perpetually 100 to 200 Americans in Afghanistan? 

Here's where the weasel phrase that every administration official and spokesman threw in comes into play, "those Americans who want to leave".

Price has repeatedly said the population of U.S. citizens seeking to leave is "dynamic" –constantly in flux as individuals and families make difficult decisions about whether to stay or go. And as more Americans leave, he said, others see that it's safe to come forward and seek evacuation assistance. 

So just reclassify Americans trapped behind enemy lines from not wanting to leave to wanting to leave while always maintaining the same artificial 100 to 200 number of those who want to leave.



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