Hunter Biden's "Art Show" Looks Shady as Hell

An actual art show is a forum for introducing an artist and his art to the buying public. In that regard, art shows either succeed or fail based on foot traffic.

But that's not exactly how Hunter Biden's art show is going.

A mere three potential buyers looked over Hunter Biden’s pricey paintings during Day 2 of his New York City show on Sunday — as the gallery owner said he’s unsure whether he’ll throw a party to celebrate the novice artist and presidential scion.

Several would-be viewers were also denied admission to the Georges Berges Gallery in Soho amid the admittedly soft launch of Biden’s Big Apple exhibition, which followed a controversial Los Angeles opening attended by guests including Mayor Eric Garcetti, his dad’s nominee for ambassador to India.

“You’re not going to see much of a crowd today,” gallery owner Berges said Sunday.

When asked if there would be a formal opening of the show, Berges said, “I don’t know.”

All of this is weird. Very much so.

A major gallery doesn't put this much effort into an event without having a plan and wouldn't have bothered if no one was going to show up. And having no one show up while prints are selling for crazy prices is very strange.

5 Hunter Biden prints pre-sold for $75K while the pictures for $500K aren't moving. As an art investment strategy, that's pretty strange.  

The only explanation is that some people really like the pictures, but can spring for $75K, but not $500K to put it up in their penthouse. And yet none of those people could be bothered to show up for a showing.

The only way any of this makes sense is if some of the players had $75K (with a possible percentage for the big guy) to shell out, but weren't buying any favors that required a $500K outlay, but have no interest in the pictures themselves.


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