Identity Politics Has Turned U.S. Media Into a Cult. The U.K. Media Shows the Contrast

It wasn't always this way. But a combination of increasingly narrow echo chambers, aggressive internal pressure campaigns, and a general atmosphere of political terror has made the American media seem like a creepy Pravdaesque cult compared to European media.

European media is generally relentlessly leftist, but there are a few quality conservative publications that are actually allowed to exist (say what you will about Europe's Facebook censorship campaign, it at least doesn't brazenly focus on suppressing the handful of conservative media outlets that do exist in the same way as the Democrat media operation in the U.S. is bent on doing) and it's capable of occasionally entertaining different viewpoints the way that the U.S. media used to be willing to do before Obama.

The starkest examples are identity politics where U.S. media has adopted the furious groupthink of the college campus.

Take this BBC story, "We're being pressured into sex by some trans women" and the furious response at The Daily Beast, "The BBC’s Ignorance About Trans Women and Sex Is Disgusting and Dangerous."

You don't have to read either one to guess which one reads like professional journalism and which one like a campus vlog denouncing thought crimes.  

Identity politics is usually where the contrasts show up most obviously. Europe is quite politically correct, but its allegiance to identity politics, while very real, lacks the centrality that it plays in the politics, the worldview, and the theology of the American Left.

It's why the media and most liberals in this country mindlessly adopt whatever lunatic identity politics business they're asked to accept this week (abolish the police, men are women) while the Europeans are more likely to actually have a discussion about it.

Discussion has become the first casualty of the radicalization of the Democrats and their media which spend all their time shouting down and stamping out discussion, and then denying that they're doing any such thing.


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