Instead of Saying "Facebook Papers", Just Say, "Speech Papers"

We're on the fifth year (at least) of the Dems blaming Facebook for President Trump's victory in 2016 specifically and for the existence of a conservative opposition generally, in the United States, India, Israel, Europe, and pretty much anywhere around the world.

The cynical "Facebook Whistleblower" gambit is the latest pressure campaign on Facebook which has one purpose, despite all the lies, spin, and gaslighting, and one purpose alone... censoring the political opposition.

The fact that the Wall Street Journal and FOX Business News are participating in the media coalition over the so-called Facebook Papers is a testament to how deep the media censorship rot goes.

Facebook, mind you, is a terrible company, and Mark Zuckerberg is a creepy awkward leftist billionaire (though on the Dr. Evil scale, he ranks well below the kind of catastrophic damage that Jeff Bezos, Twitter's Jack Dorsey, Pierre Omidyar (who's backing the anti-Facebook campaign, or the Paypal mafia have inflicted on the country and the world), and we would be far better off without one company holding the golden key to social media, but this is a speech issue.

This isn't about Zuckerberg or his company. It's about using its monopolistic power as leverage for creating a speech monopoly.

Is social media bad for us? Of course it is. Is it bad for teens? No doubt. Does anyone have an answer to those problems. Not really. 

The one issue that lefty censorship advocates have a "solution" for is censoring the conservative opposition.

It would be more honest if they stopped saying "Facebook threat", "Facebook leaks", or "Facebook papers", and started calling them what they are,  "Speech threat", "Speech leaks", or "Speech papers".


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