Muslim Convert Gets Only 10 Years for Leaving Non-Muslim 5-Year-Old to Die of Thirst

A horrifying story and a typically weak response from the country that has bowed its head to the Jihad. 

The wife of an Islamic State fighter was sentenced to 10 years in prison after being found guilty of the murder of a 5-year-old girl.

The 10-year sentence is a joke. And what's even worse is the horrifying way that the girl was killed.

German-born Jennifer Wenisch, 30, was charged in a Munich court with crimes against humanity after refusing to help a 5-year-old her husband left to die in the scorching heat, the Washington Post reported . Wenisch, a convert to Islam, cooperated with her husband in leaving the girl chained outside, where the enslaved child suffered severe dehydration. The mother was forced to watch her child die from thirst as punishment for wetting the bed.

Wenisch and her husband, Taha al Jumailly, bought the girl and her mother in 2015 while living in the ISIS-controlled city of Fallujah, Iraq.

The Yazidis, who are not Muslim, are considered subhuman. 

But I suspect the Kurds would have handled this case more usefully than any European court.

This reminds me of another story involving Germany from the Holocaust.

On a summer day in 1943, Erna Petri took in the rolling hills and meadows on the road back from Lviv, the Ukrainian city where she frequently went shopping. The sun shone bright, allowing her to spot something in the distance. She instructed the coachman to slow the horse-drawn carriage, and, sure enough, she found six children cowering by the side of the road, their tremulous bodies barely covered by scraps of cloth. Petri brought the hungry, scared children back to the white-pillared manor she shared with her husband, Horst, their four-year-old son and infant daughter.

She gathered food from the kitchen, and fed the children as she contemplated what to do next. Horst was not at home. There were no expectations of Erna, as a wife and mother, to act before he returned, but she understood why the children were roaming the countryside. She knew that, just days earlier, their tiny, naked bodies had escaped a crammed Judenwagen headed for the gas chamber.

And so she beckoned them to follow her yet again. This time, she led them away from the house, across the terracotta tiles on the floor of the north portico and vestibule, past the garden and chicken coops and servants’ quarters. When they reached the pit in the woods, Petri ordered the children to turn around and, clutching the pistol her father had given her as a parting gift, she shot them each in the back of the neck, one by one.

Petri would later testify that two of the boys cried, but they were too exhausted to flee. She felt no remorse. In her mind, these children were altogether different from her own, tucked safely inside the house. They were enemies of the state, ones that almost got away.

From an interview with Erna.

Question: How did the children behave as you shot them?

Answer: When I shot the first 2 children, they were in the first moment shocked and immediately began to cry. Then they stopped crying and started instead to whimper/wail. However I did not allow myself to be moved by this and shot the others until they all lay in the gully. None of the children attempted to run away, since, as I could see from their appearance, they had been in transit for several days and were totally exhausted.

Petri was sentenced to life in prison, but was released after less than 30 years in jail, and enjoyed a pretty good life with the help of an SS aid organization. That was commonly the case with Nazi war criminals. And Islamist aid groups will be waiting for Wenisch too.

The unthinkable is very much with us today and Islamofascism is an evil nightmare that is only growing among us.



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