The Left's Dumb War on Leaf Blowers

Leaf blowers are stupid. Trying to ban them is tyrannical.

In a free society people are allowed to buy and own things that other people think are stupid because that's the definition of freedom, and also because one man's stupid thing is another person's necessity, and there's no final authority on the subject.

Or at least there shouldn't be.

But in Maoist America hardly a month passes by without the leftist ruling class deeming something, an idea, a habit, a holiday, a historic figure, or an item to be evil, the memo goes out and suddenly in Pravdaesque fashion the media is full of organized denunciations of it.

Right now it's leaf blowers.

"Leaf Blowers Destroy the Environment," a New York Times op-ed blares, the latest of dozens of op-eds and columns that have focused on the urgent need to ban leaf blowers while the Taliban keeps Americans hostage in Afghanistan, China develops hypersonic weapons, and meanwhile burns mountains worth of coal.

But a key woke feature is the teenage need to scold and virtue signal over its latest petty obsession, before proceeding to a ban, and then the next phase of its war on something else.


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