Lt. Col Scheller Facing Trial for "Revolution" While Brass Endorse Black Lives Matter

In last week's article on the persecution of Lt. Col. Scheller, I wrote that Biden's brass had tried everything from calling him crazy to accusing him of aiding Chinese propaganda.

I was wrong. 

Biden's brass keeps coming up with exciting new books to throw at him.

These legal documents show that Marine Corps officials believe that Scheller’s comments such as “Every generation needs a revolution” violated the Defense Department’s policy that limits the acts of protest and dissent that service members can engage in. Task & Purpose has independently verified the authenticity of the documents.

The command investigation into Scheller’s social media posts also noted his comments that appeared to be calling on his supporters to rise up, including, “Follow me and we will bring the whole f–king system down,” according to a copy of the document, which Task & Purpose also obtained.

Scheller engaged “in prohibited dissident and protest activities, to include advocating for ‘revolution,’ calling for the use of violence in ensuring accountability of senior government leaders and to affect political change, and for advocating for the dismantling of the current political and military system, all in contravention of the laws of the United States,” the investigating officer concluded.

Every generation needs a revolution loosely paraphrases Thomas Jefferson. 

Scheller was calling for accountability from the top brass, not an armed revolution. This is dumb even by the standards of the China stuff, but it also shows the 'Sovietization' of woke lawfare.

Meanwhile, Milley can endorse promoting critical race theory in the Navy, and Admiral Gilday can push the worst smears of America, as documented in the David Horowitz Freedom Center, Disloyal: How the Military Brass is Betraying Our Country.  

In the video, a lieutenant commander claimed that he had experienced "systemic racism" and "implicit bias" – note, not actual bias. A white corpsman urged that "we can stand up for change" and then, mouthing the standard Marxist line, declared that "tomorrow's Navy will finally stand on the right side of history when we realize that black lives matter."

"I have become very aware of my privilege as a white person," a female musician confessed. Then she claimed that "this country has a history of systemic racism."

She called for creating a "country that is more equitable and just."

The video closed with Gilday vowing to eliminate “systemic racism” with a new task force.

This is an actual rebellion. And it comes from the top down.

Last year a midshipman had sued the Naval Academy over his expulsion for tweeting that Breonna Taylor, the girlfriend of a drug dealer, had gotten what was coming to her when she was shot after her boyfriend opened fire on police, and suggested that rioters should be shot.

While Naval Academy leadership targeted him, others who broadcast hatred for police and support of the Black Lives Matter race riots on social media were not disciplined in any way.

The lawsuit charged that Black Lives Matter and its radical tenets "have been embraced by the Naval Academy's senior leadership and have made their pernicious assault on the First Amendment manifest".

Or at the Air Force

Like much of the military, the Air Force Academy was subjected to "critical conversations" that Silvera claimed would help those like him who were "confused, angry and need to discuss what is going on in our nation."

In July, the academy's football team and coaches – more authorities on things they don’t know - released a video supporting Black Lives Matter.

“Educate yourself on the role that race plays in our history,” a white coach demanded. "It’s time for me to recognize my bias," another white coach confessed.

"Black lives have not been and are not treated as equals in our society," players and coaches angrily chanted the mantra of critical race theory racists. "It’s not enough for us to be not racist. It’s time to be anti-racist."  This sentence is ideological garbage straight out of Ibram X Kendi’s racist book How To Be An Anti-Racist, which according to the leftist Kendi is by agreeing with him. Literally.

That's not just rebellion, it's treason. And the folks responsible for it are accusing anyone who protests of plotting "revolution". Or anything that will stick.



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